What to Look For in a Bully Stick Holder for Your Dog

This Tibetan Terrier pup started by chewing the Hold-a-Chew chew stick holder and then moved on to the collagen twist. 

4 Reasons why your pup's chew stick & bully stick holder should be chewable

As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved canine companion is always a top priority. Like many dog owners, you may have decided that a bully stick or chew stick holder is one way to provide your pup with a safer chewing experience, especially if they are a super chewer and prefer long-lasting chews over chew toys.

Chew stick holders were developed to help keep dogs safe when they chew. Inserting and securing the chew stick or bully stick in the holder helps prevent dogs from choking on or swallowing large pieces of dog chews that could potentially result in GI blockage requiring surgery or even causing death.

Selecting the right chew stick holder is just as important as the holder’s job of securing the chew stick or bully stick.

The Hold-a-Chew from Chew Works was created as a chewable chew stick holder. The Hold-a-Chew is made from an FDA-approved nylon polymer that is safe for dogs to chew. The material will rough up and break down but not splinter or come apart with proper use.

Not all chew stick holders are intended for chewing. Here are 4 reasons to consider using a chewable chew stick holder like the Hold-a-Chew:

1. Safety First

The Hold-a-Chew chew stick holder is designed to securely hold a variety of chew sticks or bully sticks and it’s designed to be chewed on, with only two large interlocking pieces. It eliminates the concern of what happens if your dog chews on the chew stick holder.

Be aware of these safety considerations when looking at chew stick holders:

  • Be cautious of holders that are made from materials that may splinter or break apart easily, resulting in large pieces that could be swallowed.
  • Watch for any recommendations to train your dog not to chew the holder. If your pup is an aggressive chewer, it will be hard for them not to chew the holder when they are working on the chew stick.
  • Check for chew stick holders that are made with any metal or numerous connecting pieces that could come apart and become choking or GI blockage hazards.

2. Longer, More Engaged Chewing

The Hold-a-Chew is built to last. Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials, it can withstand even the most aggressive chewers, ensuring hours of entertainment for your furry friend.

  • Dogs can chew more of the chew stick with the Hold-a-Chew. As they chew closer to the chew stick holder, it gets harder for them to not chew on the holder. With the Hold-a-Chew, that’s not a concern. They can continue to work on the last of the chew stick providing more chew time and fun for them. It becomes a challenge for many dogs to see how much of the chew stick or bully stick they can chew.
  • Some dogs will enjoy chewing the Hold-a-Chew as much as their chew stick or bully stick. We’ve had numerous customers tell us that their dogs will carry around the Hold-a-Chew and chew it without a chew stick, providing more engagement for their pup with a safe chew device.

3. Promotes Dental Health

Chewing is not only a natural behavior for dogs but also essential for their dental health. The Hold-a-Chew helps promote healthy teeth and gums by encouraging pup's to chew on safe and natural chew sticks in the chewable Hold-a-Chew, reducing the risk of dental damage from chewing overly hard plastic or metal.

4. Versatility

The Hold-a-Chew will secure a wide range of chew sticks and treats, allowing you to customize your dog's chewing experience. Whether your pup prefers beef, chicken, or even dental chews, they can enjoy them safely and securely with the Hold-a-Chew. We always recommend our all-natural collagen chews and bully sticks for a healthy and safe chewing experience.

When it comes to your dog's health and happiness, quality matters. With Chew Works' Hold-a-Chew chew stick holder, you can rest assured that you're providing your furry companion with a safe, durable, and enjoyable chewing experience that will be fun and engaging for them.

Please know that this content reflects our experience as pet owners and the experiences of other pet owners who share their stories with us. We share these experiences to help other dog owners but are not veterinarians or experienced dog trainers. Always check with your vet if you have questions about what’s best for your dog. If you'd like to share a dog chew story or training tips that work, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at info@chewworks.com.